Celebrating One Year National Access to Cochrane Library

This week Cochrane Malaysia celebrates World Evidence-based Healthcare Day .It was just one year ago that full-text access to the Cochrane library became available to anyone in Malaysia. We are pleased to say that Malaysians have been taking advantage of this and over the year 2021, Malaysians have accessed the Cochrane Library nearly 150,000 times. Amazingly this ranks us at number four in the world for accessing Cochrane reviews, after US UK and Australia. Congratulations Malaysia and thank you for helping us achieve this!

Another important achievement for Malaysia is that we now have available 3500 review summaries in Bahasa Malaysia, all published on the Cochrane Library. We thank our volunteer translators for all their work in achieving this. The pandemic has illustrated to us how important it is to have access to high quality trusted information. All this would not be possible without the Ministry of Health making the Cochrane Library available to anyone, anywhere in Malaysia.

Visit www.cochranelibrary.com to read the latest reviews