Cochrane Malaysia translation initiative awards 2021

Cochrane Malaysia


2021 - Cochrane Malaysia’s awards for outstanding contribution of volunteer translators and editors to the Malay translation project


Cochrane Malaysia translation initiative awards 2021

Cochrane Malaysia is pleased to announce the recipients of certificate of recognition for Malay translations completed between January and December 2021.    

The year 2021, 7 years after its launch in 2015, continued to be a productive year for Cochrane Malay Translation. In 2021, we achieved another milestone by publishing our 35900th Malay PLS. Our production rate was steady at an average of 60 translations published per month.  

These achievements would have been impossible without the generous contribution of our translators and editors all of whom work on voluntary basis. Our volunteers are all healthcare students or practitioners and come from over 10 institutions in Malaysia and abroad. We are especially grateful for the response of many of them when we requested urgent translation of new content on Covid-19 as it became available. This allowed Malay-language readers to access this important information in a timely manner.

It is almost impossible to thank these volunteers for their work. So as a form of recognition we issue certificates of recognition to our high performing translators and editors on an annual basis. This year we award - 9 editors and 9 translators and for their outstanding work. Thirteen of the award recipients were also 2020 recipients. 


Special congratulations to five of our editors who received certificate of recognition for five consecutive years! 

They are

  .  Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail

  .  Associate Professor Dr Tuan Hairulnizam Tuan kamauzaman

  .  Associate Professor Dr Norhayati Mohd Noor

  .  Professor Dr Lai Nai Ming


Special congratulations to four of our editors who received certificate of recognition for four consecutive years! 

They are

  .  Dr Rosnani Zakaria

  .  Dr Mohd Shaharudin Shah Che hamzah

  .  Dr Ahmad Filza Ismail


Special congratulations to our translator who received certificate of recognition for five consecutive years! 

  .  Wong Chun Hoong


What are the criteria for receiving a certificate?

There are 3 categories of recognition with editors and translators receiving separate recognition:

    o   Bronze award for completing or editing more than 20 translations in a year

    o   Silver award for completing or editing 35 translations in a year

    o   Gold award  for completing or editing 50 translations in a year


Who are the recipients of certificates for 2021?

They come from various medical and health institutions throughout Malaysia and abroad. They are healthcare or medical students, nurses, medical experts and other healthcare professionals. Recently we have also included people with a linguistic or translation background. All these people have generously contributed their precious time for this work. We know that their work is worthwhile because we are are very happy to note that their translations were accessed over 1 million times over the past year. The translators and editors shared their thoughts on getting involved with Malay translation.

“Our translators thank us for the opportunity but we truly want to thank our translators!”  

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