Cochrane Malaysia’s awards for outstanding contribution of volunteer translators and editors to the Malay translation project , 2022

Cochrane Malaysia translation initiative awards 2022

Cochrane Malaysia is pleased to announce the recipients of certificate of recognition for Malay translations completed between January and December 2022.    

The year 2022, 8 years after its launch in 2015, continued to be a productive year for Cochrane Malay Translation. In 2022, we achieved another milestone by publishing our 3890th Malay PLS.

These achievements would have been impossible without the generous contribution of our translators and editors all of whom work on voluntary basis. Our volunteers are all healthcare students or practitioners and come from over 10 institutions in Malaysia and abroad

It is almost impossible to thank these volunteers for their work. So as a form of recognition we issue certificates of recognition to our high performing translators and editors on an annual basis. This year we award - 10 editors and 9 translators for their outstanding work. Thirteen of the award recipients were also 2021 recipients. 

Special Thank you to four of our editors who have been doing editing for eight years! 
They are
  .  Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail
  .  Associate Professor Dr Tuan Hairulnizam Tuan kamauzaman
  .  Associate Professor Dr Norhayati Mohd Noor
  .  Professor Dr Lai Nai Ming
Special Thank you to three of our editors who have been doing editing for seven years! 
They are
  .  Dr Rosnani Zakaria
  .  Dr Mohd Shaharudin Shah Che hamzah
  .  Dr Ahmad Filza Ismail
Special Thank you to two of our editors who have been doing editing for three years! 
They are
  .  Dr Shazlin Shaharudin
  .  Dr Shaun Lee
Special Thank you to our new editor
  .  Dr Mohamad Masykurin Mafauzy
What are the criteria for receiving a certificate?
There are 3 categories of recognition with editors and translators receiving separate recognition:
    o   Bronze award for completing or editing more than 20 translations in a year
    o   Silver award for completing or editing 35 translations in a year
    o   Gold award  for completing or editing 50 translations in a year
Who are the recipients of certificates for 2022?
They come from various medical and health institutions throughout Malaysia and abroad. They are healthcare or medical students, nurses, medical experts and other healthcare professionals. All these people have generously contributed their precious time for this work. We know that their work is worthwhile because we are are very happy to note that their translations were accessed over 1 million times over the past year. The translators and editors shared their thoughts on getting involved with Malay translation.

“Our translators thank us for the opportunity but we truly want to thank our translators!”      


Lee Pei Yee
Lee Pei Yee,  government pharmacist from Hospital Keningau, Sabah (70 PLS)                                                                                                                         After completing my PRP training in Hospital Selayang, I was offered a permanent job to serve the community at Sabah. It is interesting to learn different hospital practices and blend in to their culture. Despite beingbusy with my job as a full time pharmacist, I'm also involved in the Cochrane Malay translation project, aiming to provide a platform for people to reach out for Cochrane reviews and to share the medical information to everyone”.
Dr Patricia Ponniah, Klinik Pergigian Seremban (50 PLS)                                                                                                                                                                                  I joined the Malay Translation initiative in 2021 as a way of challenging myself to try something new. In doing so, I have improved myself and it gives me a sense of satisfaction that my work in our National language is making medical and health information more accessible to the general public"


Amirul Iman Ahmad Rizal,  Malaysian Translators Association (38 PLS)                                                                                                                                                  “It's have been two years since I started my translation career until now. Many things I learned from Cochrane about medical knowledge while translating the articles. The opportunity that Cochrane gave me to become a volunteer translator was a big honor for me. Since I join with Cochrane, my skill and understanding of translation has improved significantly day by day. I would like to say thanks to Cochrane that letting me translate their articles and for endeavoring to become a successful translator with Cochrane in the future. Thank you!!!”
Dr Aishah, I am a PhD student at University of Warwick, UK. (38 PLS)                                                                                                                                                     “I have been volunteering with Cochrane Malaysia since June 2022. As I have been out of Malaysia for almost all of my adult life, translating the Cochrane plain summaries from English to Malay language gives me a chance to connect to my roots. I enjoy learning about the scientific findings and I hope my work can help disseminate this knowledge to a larger audience”.


Tang Kar Foong, Pharmacist within the Malaysian public healthcare system. (29 PLS)
 “My work has motivated me to read widely to understand evidence use in health decision-making. My participation as a Cochrane translation volunteer enabled me to read and understand plain language summaries in English and Malay languages faster. I hope these translated plain language summaries will help health professionals and decision-makers understand research evidence and apply it in health decision-making.”
Dr. Amanda Yap, medical officer serving under Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Paediatric Department of Hospital Putrajaya. (22 PLS)
 “Greetings everyone! I have been involved in Cochrane Malaysia since the year 2019, and have proudly been part of the Malay translation since then. We live in a multi-lingual country where Bahasa Malaysia is still our lingua franca, yet not many evidence-based resources are available to our community in this language. I believe that knowledge is power and it holds the ultimate key to Malaysia's healthcare advancement. By being part of Malay translation, we can empower Malaysians with greater knowledge regarding latest health related researches. I believe this will help to improve our healthcare system, for both medical practitioners and layman alike. I hope my involvement in Malay translation will be a motivation to more Malaysians to be part of this translation community as we continue to work together for a better Malaysia
Cheryl Chan Zhi Ying, a final-year psychology student at Wawasan Open University. (20 PLS)
 “I had the opportunity to work on Cochrane Malay translation in early 2022 under the recommendation of Dr.Tan May Loong. It has been an honor to be involved in these medical journals' translations and I am intrigued by the insightful work conducted by fellow researchers on mental health issues."
Dr Hanis Syahira Hamdan, A medical graduate and a certified translator with ITBM (Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books) (20 PLS)
 "I am both a medical graduate and a certified translator with ITBM. Translating for Cochrane has been a way to combine my expertise and my passion for translation. Making health information accessible is absolutely key in empowering patients' lives and it's been a joy to translate with the Malay Translation Project." 
Dr Wan Anisa Hanim, Klinik Pergigian Kok Lanas. (20 PLS)
 “While I was waiting for my NDOP placement in early 2022, I was introduced to the Cochrane translation and enjoyed translating. Having this platform has made it possible for me to give back to the larger community. In fact, it was also a chance for me to learn, broaden my knowledge, and respect scientific approaches that I can use in my field of work by reading about current scientific and medical topics.”



Dr Shazlin Shaharudin, Lecturer in Exercise & Sports Science, Biomechanics & Movement Science. Universiti Sains Malaysia (159 PLS)           Thank you to Cochrane Malaysia for the opportunity to be involved in this translation initiative. With this effort, I hope Malaysians will have better access to accurate and updated information regarding medical practices.”
Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail, HOD Community Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Manipal University College Malaysia (65 PLS)              “I have always enjoyed doing translation work. We want to ensure the public gets the right information. As the years go by, it is very encouraging to see response from the public. We shall continue to do the best.”


Dr Mohamad Masykurin Mafauzy, Emergency Physician and a Lecturer at the School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (36PLS)   “Being an educator, I believe the community should have access to information about diseases and their latest treatment. Cochrane Malay translation project prvides a vast opportunity for the community to update themselves with the latest medical information. I enjoyed myself very much in translating articles hoping that it benefits the community ultimately improves our community health”.
Dr Norhayati Mohd Noor, Associate Professor, Public Health Physician (Family Health), School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Site Coordinate for USM: an affiliate of Cochrane Malaysia (35 PLS)
 “With the nationwide subscription of Cochrane Library, it has becoming more encouraging for the Malay Cochrane translation to benefit and reach a wide number of readers”.
Dr Tuan Hairulnizam Tuan  Kamauzaman, Associate Profesor, Head of Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia (35 PLS)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    “Thank you Cochrane Malaysia for the opportunity to be part of the Bahasa .Malaysia translation project. It gives me great pleasure knowing that my work contributes to the dissemination of scientific evidences to the public at large.
Associate Professor Shaun Lee,  Pharmacist, Monash University Malaysia (35 PLS)                                                                                                                            “I am a passionate educator and teacher and a qualified pharmacist by profession.  I strongly believe that an integrated approach is needed to ensure that the best available evidence is used to design interventions, strategies and policies. Nevertheless, most of this evidence is published in English using "scientific language" which can be a barrier to uptake in many populations. As such, I have devoted my time and effort through Cochrane Malaysia to improve the availability and accessibility of high-quality, usable evidence in the Malay language to ensure these can be implemented and used by the general population. I also find it a fun thing to do during my free time”.


Dr Mohd Shaharudin Shah Che Hamzah, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (29PLS)   “I am a Senior Lecturer in the Emergency Medicine Department of the School of Medical Sciences of USM and completed my PhD in disaster management specializing in terrorism risk  reduction including legistlation and policy. I am actively involved in research as principle investigator and managed to secure quite number of grants and publish many articles in local and international journals. I am also actively involved in Malay translation project for quite number of years. I started to love this job when I got an email of thanks from someone who was very actively using Cochrane articles in his daily work.”
Dr Lai Nai Ming, Professor of Paediatrics and Director of Clinical Campus, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Taylor's University Malaysia  (24 PLS)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            "The people's heightened awareness of their own health and that of others at this time makes it all the more important to make available high-quality evidence in a locally-accessible form".          
Dr Ahmad Filza Ismail, Medical Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, Manager,  Strategic Business Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia  (22 PLS)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It is a great pleasure to disseminate the knowledge in my native language. Since the original articles in Malay language are very few, the translated versions are needed. I will continue to provide my service if needed”.
Dr Rosnani Zakaria, Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine, Universiti Sains Malaysia (20 PLS)                                                                                         "I would like to thank Cochrane Malaysia for continuous effort in providing quality evidence in research in Malay language. I am a family medicine specialist and an academician based at Hospital USM and School of Medical Sciences of USM. Community education is our priority and this platform is valuable to us ".