The usual route to becoming an author of a Cochrane review is to first submit a Title Proposal. This is then accepted by the Central Editorial Service and an invitation to submit a protocol is given.
We are pleased to announce this workshop to help you develop a Title Proposal. The workshop will help potential authors on how to select a topic for a Cochrane review and how to convert this into a Title Proposal that is suitable for submission to the Cochrane Central Editorial Service. 
It is suitable both for current Cochrane authors or for new authors. We are giving priority to those who have a potential topic.
If you have an author team under development, you might like to invite as many of the team as possible to join you.
We are very pleased that we will have two Keynote speakers both from the Cochrane Central Editorial Service.
  1. Toby Lasserson, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Cochrane Library
  2. Leslie Choi, Evidence Synthesis and Development Editor

Workshop Brochure

Online registration google form. Here is the link or you can scan the QR code at the brochure 

The workshop is full, however we invite you to register your interest using the registration form to a future workshop.