Cochrane Malaysia’s awards for outstanding contribution of volunteer translators and editors to the Malay translation project , 2018

Cochrane Malaysia’s awards for outstanding contribution of volunteer translators and editors to the Malay translation project, 2018

Cochrane Malaysia is pleased to announce the list of names of recipients of a certificate of recognition for Malay translations completed between January and  December 2018                  

The year 2018, 3 years after its launch in 2015, continued to be a productive year for  Cochrane Malay Translation. In 2018, we published our 1766h Malay PLS. Our production rate was steady at an average of 50 translations published per month.  Our Malay pages in received over 6632 views in 2018, which was 5 times that in January 2016. We continue to be one of the fastest growing Cochrane translation initiatives.

These achievements would have been impossible without the generous contribution of our translators and editors all of whom work on voluntary basis. Our volunteers are all healthcare students or practitioners and come from over 10 institutions in Malaysia and abroad.

It is almost impossible to thank these volunteers for their work. So as a form of recognition we issue certificates of recognition to our high performing translators and editors on an annual basis. This year we award-15 translators and editors for their outstanding work.  Eight of the award recipients were also 2017 recipients. Special congratulations to five of our editors who received certificate of recognition for three consecutive years!     

 They are:
1.       1. Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail
2.       2 . Associate Professor Dr Tuan Hairulnizam Tuan Kamauzaman
3.       3. Associate Professor Dr. Norhayati Mohd Noor 
4.       4. Dr Tan May Loong
5.       5. Dr Rosnani Zakaria                                            

What are the criteria for receiving a certificate?

There are 3 categories of recognition with editors and translators receiving separate recognition:

    o   Bronze award for completing or editing more than 20 translations in a year
    o   Silver award for completing or editing 35 translations in a year
    o   Gold award  for completing or editing 50 translations in a year

Who are the recipients of certificates for 2018?

They come from various medical and health institutions  throughout Malaysia and abroad. They are healthcare or medical students, nurses, medical experts and other healthcare professionals who have generously contributed their precious time for this work. The translators and editors shared their thoughts on getting involved with Malay translation.

“Our translators thank us for the opportunity but we truly want to thank our translators!”      

Gold Translators
Wong Chun Hoong, Hospital Serdang (207 PLS)
"I would like to express my gratitude to Cochrane Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to translate plain language summaries (PLS) into the Malay Language. I hope that those translated PLS can help people to appreciate and understand the advancement of medical sciences using the national language ----- Malay language.”         
Noor Salwah S Omar, Science Officer at the Research & Innovation Unit, Schoolof Dental Sciences , Universiti Sains Malaysia (95PLS)
I sincerely hope that this little contribution of mine would be of benefit to the Malay Malaysians especially those who could not understand nor read English but who wish to be updated on evidence based medicines for health. I enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed translating them.”
Chiah Zi Yan, Medical Student, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) ( 55PLS )              
“I am happy and honored to be given this opportunity to get involved with this translation project as I believe this translation project will allow more people to gain access to the information on healthcare evidence and I also learned a lot throughout this project. Being a RUMC student, I would also like to thank all the support from RUMC throughout this period.”
Bronze Translators
Julie Yeo Hsiao Hui currently in the first year of  houseman (Intern) training in Malaysia. (24PLS)
“I enjoyed the translating process and glad to be a part of this team. Hopefully, through the Malay Translation project initiative, we might be able to reach out to more readers and they may benefit from it". 

Khaw Loke Tim, Immunologist-Division of Pathology, International Medical University (24 PLS)     
“I believe knowledge should transcend any barriers, especially language, and I would like to do more for 2019."
Lee Pei Yee, Alumnus of School of Pharmacy, International Medical University (31 PLS)           “t is my honour to join as a volunteer translator for Cochrane database and I would like to share those evidence based information in Bahasa Malaysia so that the Malay community can access to the data easily and improve our healthcare system together. “
Gold editors
Professor Dr Noorliza Mastura Ismail, Professor of Dentistry, Melaka Manipal Medical College (224 PLS)                                                
“It is a indeed worthwhile effort to do Bahasa Malaysia Cochrane Translation as it helps to disseminate scientific knowledge to a larger non English speaking community who needs the information.”
Associate Profesor Dr Tuan Hairulnizam Tuan  Kamauzaman,  Head  of Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia  (100 PLS)    
"This is my third year involving in the Cochrane translation project. It gives me so much gratification knowing how my work can benefit the Malaysia public at large to make informed health decision."
Associate Professor Dr Norhayati Mohd Noor Public Health Physician (Family Health), School of Medical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia Site Coordinate for USM: an affiliate of Cochrane Malaysia  (56 PLS)                                                                             
I have been editing and translating Cochrane plain language summaries, podcasts and glossaries for over 4 years. I hope that the translation work will benefit a wide range of people.
Dr Tan May Loong, Paediatrician and Senior Lecturer, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus. Co-Director of Cochrane Malaysia  (50 PLS)                                                                              “It’s an honour to receive this recognition again. I am happy to be part of this enthusiastic group of volunteers.”
Silver editors
Dato' Dr Teh Keng Hwang, Paediatrician and Paediatric Intensivist, lecturer in paediatrics, University Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah (UniSHAMS) ( 48 PLS    
“I am privileged to be chosen to help with the translation of the reviews as it has kept me in touch with the latest research and widened my knowledge in Bahasa. I would be able to use this knowledge in my teaching.”
Dr Rosnani Zakaria, Department of Family Medicine, Universiti Sains Malaysia
(39 PLS)                                                                                                          
"I would like to thanks Cochrane for continuous effort in bringing important medical knowledge to non-medical community in a simple and effective way. Glad to be part of the team."
Bronze editors

Dr Ahmad Filza Ismail, Medical Lecturer, Department of Communty Medicine Manager, Strategic Business Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia (23 PLS)                           “I have been involved in Malay translation since a couple of years ago. Thank you to Dr Teguh who has invited me to be one of the translators (or editors). I have been enjoying doing the translation which directly contributes to strengthening my Malay and English language and enriching my vocabulary. My wish is to continue with the task while   learning more English and Malay languages although Malay is my mother tongue language, but still a lot to be learnt out there”.   لسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه

Dr Mohd Shaharudin Shah Che Hamzah, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (25PLS)
“Hi, I am actively involved in Malay translation project for quite number of years. I am a senior lecturer in Emergency Medicine Department of School of Medical Sciences of USM and completed my PhD in disaster management specializing in terrorism. Also I am actively involved in a study as principle investigator and managed to secure quite number of grants and published many articles in local and international journal”
Professor  Dr Lai Nai Ming, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Taylor's University Malaysia. (23 PLS)
"It is a gratifying opportunity to be able to continue helping with editing  Malay translation of important Cochrane reviews. I hope this meaningful initiative will bear fruit in increasing public awareness of the importance of seeking high quality evidence in answering their questions on health".