RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus and Cochrane Malaysia Celebrates World Evidence-based Healthcare Day 2021

This year's theme of World Evidence-based Healthcare Day (World EBHC Day) centered around exploring the Roles of Evidence in an Infodemic whereby to promote access to trustworthy, evidence-informed health information. RUMC Student's Association worked with Cochrane Malaysia to organize a message board contest for students and staff to put up their opinionsthoughts or personal experiences on "What does Evidence-based Medicine mean to you?"
The winner of the contest was Omar Aziz Azman, a 3rd year medical student (Class of 2023).
"The judges were unanimous. They commented that they liked the way that Omar’s message had included that, in practicing EBHC we need to evaluate the strength of the evidence. The pandemic has really highlighted this need. We all need to understand both certainty and uncertainty of evidence." — Prof Jacqueline
The honorable mention went to Alia Nadhira Bt Mohd Alias of Class of 2023

Left to Right : Dayang Anis Awang Baki, Alia Nadhira Binti Mohd Alias, Omar Aziz Azman, 
Prof Dr Jacqueline Judith Ho

Some other notable messages: